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Hear what Steven Krivda, Transformation and Business Coach has to say after studying with Marc J Wagner. 

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See and hear what Debora Rogers has to say about working with Marc.

Listen to what Kim from Tennessee has to say about studying with Marc J Wagner and the impact it has made on her life and her clients, after only 5 weeks. "I was able to help a client achieve something Doctors have not been able to do in 7 years."

Here is what Gina from Naples has to say about Marc's class:


"Since taking Marc’s class, I have been able to sort out some of the issues that were holding me back in life.  It also made me more aware of other people’s issues and patterns as well, which I am now more sympathetic of because I have a much deeper understanding of trauma and how and why it affects people the way it does. I am better for having more insight into the human condition and the subconscious mind and how to effectively understand it.  Thank you Marc, I really appreciate your program and teachings and the way it helped me in my life and career.


Gina V."

Aniko from Naples wrote this after studying with Marc: 

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have taken Marc's program. The impact it had on my life personally and professionally is far beyond of what I expected to get out of it. Understanding the subconscious mind and therefore all of human behaviors and patterns and how to work with it effectively is a game changer for everyone! Thank you Marc for the great work and knowledge you are sharing with the world! Literally changing lives exponentially directly and indirectly through your students.  


Aniko N." 

Sal from Seattle Washington wrote:

“Marc’s class was absolutely life changing for me. It has impacted my personal and professional life so profoundly that I can’t even put it into words.

The part I appreciated the most was how Marc was able to explain the inner workings of the human mind. Understanding the subconscious mind and how to work with it was such a game changer. Not only did it help me understand human behavior and patterns overall but it also helped me work through things I can now address successfully myself. I am also able now to help friends, family and clients to get past certain issues.

I am beyond glad that I took this class with Marc.

Salvador C.”

Debora R. from Porterville, CA says this about working with Marc:

"Since starting Marc's certification program (only about 4 weeks ago) and using the simple yet powerful techniques I've been taught... I'm able to alleviate struggles for clients as well as myself immediately. Which not only allows us to move forward...

I feel, it pulls us in the direction of our destiny. It's not only priceless! It's also incredibly rewarding! While sharing my knowledge with prospective clients I'm being asked, more than once to name my price."

Remarkable! That's what Dana from Arizona said after resolving a very painful PTSD experience while taking her certification training with Marc.

"I wanted to update you after the PTSD work done yesterday with the Movie Theater Technique.

There was a lot of processing yesterday, and I kind of kept replaying the exercise we did, in my head over and over. I wish I had gotten better sleep last night to really process it more subconsciously, but I had a sleep walking child with nightmares.

Yesterday evening after the session I did feel a lot calmer, and had a bit more patience with my girls. When I think of the situation now I don’t feel angry or upset anymore. I even tried telling myself the story of what happened and was not emotional and felt like I was telling a 3rd party account.

Remarkable! I feel like I should note that this was a more recent traumatic event, about 3.5 months ago, so there was still a lot of fresh pain I’ve struggled with which is now gone.  

Marc thank you so much for helping me overcome this traumatic experience with this really powerful technique."