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Dear reader,

My name is Marc J Wagner and I can help you change your life into something you have never believed possible!!!


Being a holistic health professional is a very rewarding field to be in! Especially when you receive a great education which makes you feel comfortable to help other people overcome various issues successfully.


I used to be a moderately successful life and health holistic coach but I didn't really get the results with my clients that I was hoping for. Sure I had some success here and there but it wasn't really fulfilling to me. So I knew I wanted to add some more tools to my toolbox.


After some long and thorough research I found some modalities which I thought wouldallow me to do exactly that! 

So I found modalities again of which I was convinced would help me become a better coach and practitioner. I found Biofeedback, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy.


And honestly, that was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my career!


From that moment on, after my very intensive training (over 300 hours) and some intensive practice with family and friends, was I able to resolve my clients issues a lot quicker and more efficiently and best of all most of them overcame their issues completely.

Due to the great success I had with my clients and the modalities I offered, my practice grew rapidly to a very respectable size in only a few months. And all that due to the many referrals from my clients with very little marketing!


My passion always was educating people and I have taught many classes in my past and I feel it is my calling to teach as many people as possible about these amazing modalities and how to create a very fulfilling and happy healthy life for themselves and others.


If you are truly interested in becoming a successful, well-rounded practitioner in a tremendously growing field of expertise, then please check out the "classes and workshops" page on this website to find out about dates and classes offered.


I hope to see you soon at a class or a workshop.




Marc J Wagner

CHt., CI, NLP-Master Trainer

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