I am a certified NLP Master and Trainer, a Certified Instructor for Hypnotherapy, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Life Coach, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback practitioner and trainer and a Holistic Health Specialist.

But most of all I am very understanding, kind and peaceful human being who loves to help people.


I can state with a very strong conviction that our body can heal itself when given the right circumstances. The reason for this statement is that I myself am living proof of it. I overcame a condition completely of which the medical field says it can't be overcome. I proved them wrong!


Let me tell you a little bit more about myself, my background and my own personal journey into Holistic Health:


I have attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Germany where I majored in Marketing and Management. I have been self-employed since 1994.


I also served as an EMT in Germany for the emergency response unit in my hometown for almost 10 years. There I was introduced to the medical field. I quickly turned towards the studies of holistic medicine because I've never believed that a pill will fix the actual problem!

Due to my highly stressful job and a challenging personal situation in 2005 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, which obviously motivated me very strongly to expand my knowledge in the holistic health field and the mind body connection. Having experienced the success of alternative therapies and holistic healing, I have decided to dedicate myself to learn as much as I can in this amazing field of expertise, and to help others experience the same successful healing process as I did.  

Why me?

I do not believe in co-dependencies and that is why I will always do my absolute best to help you achieve your goal the best and fastest way possible!

What do I mean by that? Well, let's say you are in therapy for about 6 months and you are not feeling much better, that should raise some red flags.


Let's talk and figure out your best way to achieve your health goals.

I achieved a cure for my condition by combining traditional medical care in the beginning of my journey but more though with holistic alternative approaches and complementary therapies. In the end of 2010, I was cleared by my medical doctors of any signs of Crohn’s Diseases and have been diseases and drug free ever since. In addition to the holistic therapies I was also deeply inspired by Louise Hay’s work, particularly her book “You Can Heal Your Life”.  


By learning and putting into practice these philosophies which are mainly based on positive thinking and affirmations, I was able to witness first hand the powers of such techniques.  I also became more and more intrigued by the power of the subconscious mind and began studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistc-Programming) and Clinical Hypnosis and achieved mastery in both fields in 2013 and since 2014 I am a board certified instructor for NLP and Hypnosis for the National Guild of Hypnotists.


My goal and mission in life is to educate people about the power of the mind -body - connection and what great impact it can have when you combine techniques of NLP, Hypnosis, Positive Affirmations, Bio-Feedback and Holistic Nutrition and the amazing benefits it has on achieving a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.   


My belief is based on the philosophy that the mind-body-connection is responsible for most (if not all) major and minor illnesses/dis-eases we experience. The mind-body-connection states that a disease (dis-ease) is created as a direct manifestation of thought and emotions that have been manifested in your subconscious probably since early childhood and early teen years. 


Negative thought patterns we have been programmed to believe create emotions and those emotions will affect the physical body in the long run. If these feelings are not dealt with professionally on a subconscious level we cannot get rid of any conditions arising due to those programmings.


When we expose ourselves to negative situations (stress), emotions and thought patterns over a longer period of time then our mind can and will subconsciously create a disease (dis-ease) which is expressed the physical or mental/emotional level.


By changing our subconscious patterns we can rewire the way our brain perceives things and create a healthy connection and eliminate the root cause of dis-eases in the mind and body. Ergo, your body has a chance to heal itself when we create the right circumstances for the healing process.


I do very strongly believe that the holistic approach is the only way to achieve a lasting cure from any illness, everything else is just a band-aid.


The holistic approach considers the individual human being as a whole comprised of different components, such as the mind (psyche and emotions), body (physical), spiritual,  lifestyle (job, where you live, diet, etc.), medical history, value system, and more.  


Ultimately what we become is directly proportional to our experiences, circumstances and surroundings we are exposed to or are exposing ourselves to. The holistic approach I use with my clients and teach to my students incorporates all of these different facets and will lead to very effective treatment options and life changes which will create the right circumstances for everyone to achieve their own personal healing story and potentially miracle.


You may have experienced this through your medical doctors, medication can take care of the symptoms of a disease but they usually do not treat the root cause of the condition.


By practicing a holistic lifestyle, many illnesses can be prevented before they even begin to manifest mentally, emotionally and/or on a physical level.   


If you are willing to make changes in your life you actually have a great chance to heal with the right guidance.   


If this has sparked your interest please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.    


I am not just a practitioner! I am the practitioner by your side! 


I wish you a happy and healthy Life!   


Very truly yours,


Marc J. Wagner

Holistic Health Professional 



Contact:    marc@marcjwagner.com

Or Ph: 239 - 784 - 9559

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